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Podcast ”De zwembadclub”

Podcast Bob

The 6-part podcast Bob is the story of fragile 84-year-old Elisa, who recently can only talk about her old childhood sweetheart and the child she was forced to give up to a convent.


Mirke, Nele and Siona start searching for the truth. Is Bob a lifelong secret she has carried with her all her life, or the fantasy of a woman with dementia? Through exciting storytelling techniques, Elsa’s oral history story comes to life. 


Bob is a podcast by NPO Radio 1, Audiocollectief Schik and VPRO Dorst.

The Listening Archive







At the request of the archive, podcast maker Peter de Ruiter takes a look at the future and pricks up his ears. He discovers exceptional voices, sounds and music. He has spun his sound documentaries around them. Under the title Het Luisterarchief he has made six episodes, all of which can be listened to since December 2021: over 5.5 hours of listening pleasure in total. For more information and accompanying illustrations, click here:


With tips from Peter de Ruiter: How to make a podcast series of ‘found sounds’ in 10 steps

LAMMIE, the Hash cutter

Rik Bouman

Senior Private Banker at Van Lanschot. Podcast Host, Speaker, Sports freak




Also listen to “Hé Pa” by the same author:



It is known as the smuggling trip of all smuggling trips when, in March 1974, the HD 160, better known as Lammie, sets sail for Lebanon. The most extraordinary characters get involved in this adventure. And who actually knows about this smuggling trip even before the fishing boat has set sail? Bizarre circumstances on the way out and the most insane chase by the Navy, Customs and the National Police on the return trip. And then suddenly the Lammie has disappeared. This adventure is seen as the beginning of large-scale police action against drug trafficking.


The Deventer Media Case

A six-part podcast series on how the Deventer murder case degenerates into a media case. From reporting and truth-telling via infotainment to a smear campaign. Fact and fiction take on a life of their own and there are more victims than just the murdered widow. Journalists, editors of talk shows, opinion makers, Dutch celebrities and others involved explain how they became part of this media drama. Podcast maker Annegriet Wietsma elaborates on the book Deventer Moordzaak; het complot ontrafeld (The Hague Murder Case; the conspiracy unravelled) by journalist Bas Haan. In the podcast there is an important role for Michael de Jong, who was made suspicious by the media and labelled as ‘the handyman’. He tells how the affair shapes his life to this day.